To live by this, your life will never go wrong!

Quick note: This is not to say your life will be void of problems and hard choices BUT by incorporating this most important thing, you can stand knowing you will have nothing to regret. 

Let us share a quick, real-life story to give you an idea of why this one word is so important. One of our employees shared a personal experience, to which they’ve agreed we may share with you, without disclosing the individuals involved.

This employee (M) was in business with another individual (T), whom they trusted. Both worked hard. Both completed their work with timeliness. Both had incredible talents that could move their business forward, without question. 

As time went on, M disclosed with T hardships that they were facing and sought ways to improve and move past these with greater empathy, strength, knowledge, endurance and kindness. M decided to get professional help through a therapist in order to figure out how to do this more effectively. But the days came, one by one, that M discovered that T did not think or act the same. M found out that business deals and bank accounts were compromised by T and the unidentified narcissistic behaviors were sorely identified on countless fronts. M sought the expertise of lawyers and CPA’s and with all the documentation brought forth, T was unquestionably in the legal wrong. Clearly upset and confused by the phenomena of a trusted individual, M also sought the help of M’s religious leaders. These leaders listened and then counseled M to do this one thing: 

If you do everything with 100% INTEGRITY, regardless of the outcome, you will never go wrong! 

M followed this counsel with exactness. From interactions with T, to family, to work, to food, to maximum speed laws, to everything else, living with 100% integrity was 100% applied and 100% followed 100% of the time. M shared that during this time, it was incredibly taxing and beyond stressful. Although M lived with integrity throughout life because M believed in it, it was at this time intentionally, fully present, maximum integrity day in and day out because M trusted in the outcome of these leaders.  

Full integrity was the only option.

So what happened? M asked not to disclose the outcome – except for this: There was still great heartache that came out of it, but M lived with 100% integrity and still to this day trusts and knows that living that way you will never go wrong. M stands proud of the decisions made then and now. 

Living with full integrity is the most important thing you can do. There is no work to be ashamed of. There is nothing to worry or think “what if”. There is only peace. There is only hope. There is only greatness that can come. Trust is earned. And living full of integrity is the best way to do it!

A life full of integrity is a life well spent!

Image Description:
  1. Feature Image: Black background with white writing: ‘The Most Important’
  2. Black background with white writing: Most important thing you can have: INTEGRITY
  3. At top is Access Simplified Logo (Circle with A in middle. The horizontal line to complete the A is an arrow that points up. Colors are dark blue, medium blue, white and dark red.) Under it is employee quote: “I love working at Access Simplified. The most important thing to them is to live (work and play) with integrity. I knew I was home. It’s really awesome!”

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