Access Simplified’s ALICE App is a revolutionary app that provides accessible communication for deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere.

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Engineered to Communicate

With ALICE’s technology enabling communication,  you’ll be able to communicate with hearing people more effectively and efficiently.


ALICE is a revolutionary mobile app that enables interactive and offline communication anytime & anywhere for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a hearing loss. Pre-recorded content is available in spoken English with ASL or English subtitles allowing users to choose the communication mode they feel most comfortable with. It’s easy for users to find their desired messages quickly with the organized and categorized library of content and search function.

What's included?

The initial purchase of this app includes over 30 common general and medical phrases with interactive responses – over 130 unique videos are included in this app. Additional videos are planned for future expansions using in-app purchases. All videos have spoken English and a choice between American Sign Language (ASL) or English subtitles.


There are everyday situations that come up where it’s not convenient or not necessary to hire a sign language interpreter or write down everything. If you are in a rush to use the bathroom, just pull out your phone with ALICE installed and play a video that will speak the phrase ‘Where is the bathroom?’ for you.

How does this work?

Users choose a phrase they want to communicate and play the video for the other person. Depending on the video content, either person can choose a response. Some additional communication may be prompted via other means – paper/pen, speaking or gesturing.

What about interpreters?

ALICE is not a replacement for a sign language interpreter. These phrases are chosen because they are commonly encountered in daily interaction with others. You wouldn’t want a retail clerk to book an interpreter for you so that you can ask them the price of an item. But ALICE can help you with that!

Why is the app called ALICE?

ALICE is short for Accessible Language with Interactive Communication Enabled.

It’s also a nod to Alice Cogswell, one of the first seven students at the first school for the deaf, which became today’s American School for the Deaf. Her neighbor, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, was led to help establish this school after interacting with Alice and wanting her to get a formal education.

Gallaudet’s legacy also includes having the only liberal arts university for the deaf and hard of hearing in the world named after him. Gallaudet University’s precursor was founded by Thomas Hopkins’ youngest child, Edward Miner Gallaudet.

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