The mission of Access Simplified is to be on the forefront of social change, creating solutions that offer greater equality, equity, and inclusivity for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. We drive change through our innovative solutions and expertise.

The Access Simplified team contributes time, talent, tools, and resources to remove communication barriers allowing deaf and hard of hearing individuals to access information in every facet of life including government, civic, business, medical, education and religious settings.

Access Simplified is committed to achieving greater accessibility for our communities, on a real consumer level.


Access Simplified works towards a future where inclusivity is the standard, a core of society and never an afterthought. To achieve this long overdue future, we help decision makers across sectors choose to proactively expand their services, allowing deaf and hard of hearing to unapologetically access all content the way they need it and want it.

We believe that value and self worth come from being heard, therefore, our employees, clients, and the deaf community know that Access Simplified will keep fighting for every person to be heard.

Our Expertise

Collectively, the Access Simplified team brings years (and years!) of experience to the table in leadership, interpretation and translation, video production, technology, advocacy, with lifetimes of experience in accessibility. We believe in the vision of creating an accessible world where everyone feels included, empowered and engaged.

Put our expertise to work and you’ll find a new base of loyal consumers, perhaps even 48 million strong.

Your trust in our team means a great deal. Thanks.

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